Bay Area Home Addition

Bay Area Home Addition

by rhoda on July 29, 2012

Our Bay Area home addition in Los Gatos has inspired a feature story on While our projects have been mentioned in at least 34 houzz home improvement articles, until now, we’ve never had an entire story written about one of our projects. This one is a small but mighty remodel of an extra long garage that was converted into a “pool cabana,”or pool house / guest house: Junk Storing Garage Becomes a Cabana Getaway

Slideshow of Bay Area Home Addition featured on Houzz:

When I went to get this project photographed, I didn’t want to leave! The radiant heat is very welcoming. I have to agree with Bill’s radiant heat specialist, that hydronic heating provides a level of comfort you just can’t get from forced air. I love the Porcelanosa Parker Wood tile the homeowner selected; it looks like wood but conducts heat better than wood and you don’t have to worry about wet feet from the pool. The pattern on the tile somehow makes it feel as though it has more give than regular tile as well.

Anyway, check out the story below. Becky from houzz did a masterful job at putting the feature together (better than I did on our website). Here’s my short version of this Bay Area home addition. Another twist on this story is that when houzz approached me about putting the story up, I thought the story would benefit from an interview with the homeowner. Most houzz stories are written from the perspective of the architect, interior designer, or contractor. Since it published, I’ve gotten a ton of inquiries on the story and photos, which resulted in lots of new tags on the photos. I have to say that our client had impeccable taste in pulling the project together.

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