bathroom pocket door with mirror

Pocket Door Magic

by rhoda on May 10, 2012

The pocket door comes in handy in a tight area where you want a door but cannot fit a swinging door. Installation of a pocket door allows for nearly 10 extra square feet of usable space as compared with a hinged door. A hinged door can be impractical in a small bathroom or a kitchen where it can block a cabinet.

The pocket door literally fits into a pocket inside the wall and typically slides on rollers on a track above the door. One of my favorite pocket door hardware companies is Johnson Hardware, which makes incredibly smooth-rolling hardware.

One downside to the pocket door is that it often leaves little room for anything else in the wall, such as plumbing or electrical (such as outlets or switches), so careful planning is required. Many people falsely believe that you cannot have any wiring, electrical outlets, or electrical switches in the pocket wall – but we have a nifty trick! We just build the wall a little thicker so that there’s room for electrical wiring, switches, and outlets.

The bathroom pictured above comes from this Bay Area home addition. The dining room pocket doors pictured below, come from this Los Altos remodeling project.

pocket door in dining room with electrical switches

pocket door in kitchen with electrical outlets

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